Cash on Delivery - All your pain

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery option is available for the new and returning customers. Customers who have already placed an order and received the package at their address will get cash on delivery.

For new customers (placing order for first time) a verification of address is compulsory to get cash on delivery. You can submit your details with us to get verified.

Why Verification Is Compulsory

The order you place is very costly and shipping charges are also high. One wrong address or non-shipment is big loss for us. It has happened in past that the package was sent but money was not given to the delivery person. It has also happened that the package was not taken by the customer. All this is a loss for us. To save the losses we need to complete the verification.

How Verification Is Done

The verification can be completed by the following steps :

1) You can submit a copy of your prescription with us using email or text.
2) You can provide us your photo id with residence proof.
3) You can provide us a any old order bill/phone or gas bill delivered at your address in your name.